Willliam "Bill" Jefferson Clinton

Über Bill Clinton gibt es natürlich unendlich viel mehr zu sagen.

Hier beschränke ich mich auf die Aspekte, die im Zusammenhang mit anderen hier behandelten Themen, Organisationen oder Personen stehen.

Bill Clinton und Scientology

Declassified Documents concerning Clinton, Travolta, Scientology
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That said, her husband’s shilling for Scientology was pretty shameless.

And the most important thing to consider, of course, is that nine months into his first administration, in October 1993, Bill Clinton signed off on the IRS granting Scientology tax exempt status. But that distinction comes with a huge caveat.


The story sounds apocryphal, but there’s no doubt that Clinton did go out of his way to help the Church of Scientology, particularly when, soon after the IRS decision, Scientology began having serious problems overseas with a German government crackdown.


Scientology struck back in 1996 and 1997, spending “almost $725,000” with Federal Legislative Associates and its managing partner, David H. Miller, to lobby Congress about Scientology and the rough treatment it was receiving in Germany.


With the lobbying of Congress producing little and the open letter backfiring, Scientology had better luck turning for help to Bill Clinton, this time with the aid of actor John Travolta.


“The next day, I met with Clinton. He told me, ‘Your program sounds great’,” Travolta later said in an interview. “More than that [the president said] I’d really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology.”


more details see informative article at The Morton Report.


Und hier auch in Deutsch, ausgestiegener Scientologe Marty Rathburn und der ehemalige Leiterin der Hamburger Arbeitsgruppe Scientology und der Obersten Landesjugendbehörde zu Gast bei ZDF, Markus Lanz

Mark Rathbun und Ursula Caberta sind zu Gast bei Markus Lanz. Gemeinsam erklären sie, warum Gefahr von der Scientology-Organisation ausgeht, wie die Organisation Einfluss auf die Politik nimmt und wie Scientology-Führer David Miscavige eine Kultur der Gewalt etabliert hat.