In order to understand something, one must first take a close look; try to filter out the relevant elements from the flood of information; always remain aware that the obvious is perhaps just what we shoud be made to believe.


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Trump was supposed to liberate Scientology. What now?
Andreas Gross, owner of the website believes Trump was set up by Scientology-savvy military intelligence patriots to take over as president: This would allow him to clean up the Deep State without a military coup and quite legally. This would also free Scientology from the claws of the Deep State and thus enable them to finally save humanity by leading it to higher spheres via the "bridge". What should happen now that Trump, from this point of view, has obviously failed?
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QAnon & Co, as dangerous or even more for Europe?
Is QAnon really an American import? German-language websites and other digital channels propagated QAnon as early as December 2017, shortly after Q's first messages. Trump had been chosen by Pleiadian VIPs and was able to fulfill the meaning of his first name (Donald = Celtic for "world ruler") because of his German heritage.
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